Grow Spirulina

Spirulina is among the most nutritious foods on the planet with 18 vitamins and minerals, 8 amino acids, chlorophyll, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Spirulina compared to many other foods provides the highest content of protein along with its’ many other nutrients and therefore can be utilized as a compact food. Most proteins are not high energy foods because they are slow to digest. However, Spirulina’s proteins are 90% digestible and quickly absorbed by human metabolism.




Vitamins Minerals


Fat and Fatty Acids


Protein and Amino Acids

grow spirulina
growing spirulina

It does not take much to start your own spirulina home farm. Growing Spirulina is one of best things you can do to maximize your food independence and health and its really quite easy. It is environmentally friendly way to produce and consume a complete protein and nutritional super food source. Algae and Spirulina is 25 times more efficient per squared foot than any other plant even NASA is studying it for space travel as it is optimal for indoor growth. Spirulina is likely to be a big part of food for future as it contains all of the amino acids, is a complete protein and has loads of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.