Growing Spiulina is like printing money

Grow Spirulina – The healthiest food on our planet

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Known as the most nutritious food on the planet, Spirulina is a fast growing algae that can easily be grown at home using non-toxic and widely available materials. It is a single – celled spiral micro- Algae from the blue-green algae family, which is the oldest life form known to man.

50 times more iron than spinach
15 times more vitamin A than carrots
High portions of all B vitamins, especially B12
70% protein, which is x3 times more protein than in meat!
High in vitamin K, chlorophyll, phycocianine, calcium and magnesium

Consuming as little as 30 grams of Spirulina daily will provide your body with literally everything it needs, including protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, antioxidants, anti-allergens, and numerable minerals and vitamins. The best thing about it is that if given the right conditions, spirulina can grow as quickly as 25% of its own size per day!

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